Pilot Project

360° Story Jam in Mediapolis


Five teams including 27 participants explored and demonstrated the world of 360 video storytelling in Mediapolis 360° Story Jam on 26th – 28th April 2017. During the Jam the teams were sent to five different locations to create 2 – 3 minutes 360 video stories. The locations were:  1) The old match factory area in Tampere, 2) Dance Theatre MD, 3) Tampere Market Hall, 4) Tampere Cathedral and 5) Museum Centre Vapriikki.


The two and half day Jam was started in the Wednesday afternoon with the presentatations of undisputed professionals Jannicke Mikkelsen (UK) and Ilmari Huttu-Hiltunen. Jannicke Mikkelsen, who directed Adam Lambert’s and Queen’s first concert film in VR, took the participants on a journey from inventing new-tech to behind the scenes of working with legendary rock stars.  Ilmari Huttu-Hiltunen, an entrepreneur working in Mediapolis and one of Finland’s 360°-storytelling pioneers, showed cases of Rakka Creative and introduced some basics of 360 video making to the participants. Ilmari also guided the teams in making 360°-video with his colleague Pekko Vuorela.

In the afternoon the participants were divided into five teams and the teams were given the task and equipment (Samsung Gear 360° cameras, glasses and phones). The stories were shot on Thursday in the aforementioned locations. The 360° videos were edited on Friday morning and Friday afternoon was dedicated to watching and reviewing the videos.  The videos were reviewed also by the four-member jury, who gave feedback on the each video and selected the best video.

The objective of the Jam was to create an open community of 360° and virtual reality storytelling. The objective was very well achieved.  There was a diverse selection of attendees including people from companies, as well as Finnish and international students from various universities.  360° Story Jam was organized as a part of TAMK Art, Music and Media’s international week at Mediapolis, and the professional presentations and showcase sessions of the jam were popular among TAMK’s international guests.  TAMK UAS, Metropolia UAS and Tampere Vocational College Tredu provided tutoring students for the jam: each team had 1-2 competent students helping their unexperienced team members in the projects.  According to the feedback both students and company representatives liked to work together in the jam.  They also liked the structure of the jam: hands-on doing enabled the participants to learn the new medium as efficiently as one can in two days.

The five 360° videos created in the jam can be seen in the Youtube Channel of the Jam https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgQ9YZWUjfvDpdx1Lkgj75A/videos .  The jury rewarded the video The World in a Room.

360° VIDEOs:

TEAM 1 “Masked”

TEAM 2 “The World in a Room”

TEAM 3 “Tampereen Kauppahalli”

TEAM 4 “Relick”

TEAM 5 “Downtimes”


The flyer of the Jam 360_Jam_Mediapolis_English_