The closing seminar and workshop of MEDAIA project on Oct Nov 2017

MEDAIA project ended in October 2017. The final publication “MEDAIA – Experimenting Open Innovation in the Media Field” is published by TAMK and can be downloaded here.

The closing seminar and workshop of MEDAIA will be organized on the 12th of October 2017 in Mediapolis ( United Studios in Tampere. The morning seminar 9 am- 12 pm in Finnish will present and discuss the experiments and results of the project. See the detailed schedule from the Finnish post. In the afternoon 1 pm – 4 pm there is an international workshop discussing the impact of new immersive technologies on urban development and innovation.

Registration for the seminar and the workshop:
Info contact person: Ella Kallio email, mob. 040 660 1722.

The description of the afternoon workshop:
Title: Immersive urbanity: Opportunity and dystopia – Exploring AR, VR and mixed reality in urban development
Facilitator: Jimmy Paquet-Cormier, Urban innovation researcher at Lancaster University and Future Cities Catapult, UK.
Time: 12 Oct 2017 13.00-16.00 pm United Studios Mediapolis
Content: Immersive technologies such as augmented and virtual reality are increasingly used in urban planning, urban design and city management as tools to visualise, experiment, design and manage cities. These new technologies, that still are an early stage, will have a deep impact on how people experience cities, and this impact is not always positive. The risk of moving towards a virtual nightmare where individual privacy is lost and where hacker can take control over the city is real. Moving away from tech-centred city rhetoric and aiming to develop the field of new media city and immersive urbanity, this workshop propose a reflection on the interplay between virtuality and urbanity. For this purpose, the workshop is divided in three parts. In the first part, different types of digital and immersive AR/VR applications for cities are presented and tested. In the second part, participants will reflect about applications they would like to see in the near future. The third part will be a discussion about the potential futures emerging from an ubiquitous augmented, virtual and mixed reality world.

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