Open innovation platforms in media industry

What is MEDAIA?

The objective of the MEDAIA project (1.10.2015-31.10.2017) was to develop open innovation in a media business and urban innovation context. This was to be achieved by carrying out 13 small-scale pilot projects, i.e. experiments, that demonstrate new collaboration models between universities, companies, the public sector and other organizations. Background studies and benchmarking were also conducted. The project was coordinated by Tampere University of Applied Sciences (lead partner) and Metropolia University of Applied Sciences in partnership with Yle, the Finnish Broadcasting Company.

At Tampere, the project focused on developing open innovation activities at Mediapolis, which is a recently established media center in the Tohloppi district in Tampere. In the Helsinki region, the project activities aimed at piloting cooperation and co-creation models between universities, public sector, companies and citizens. Background research revealed a lack of competencies in agile innovation, and therefore, increasing the knowledge base of and the skills in rapid innovation processes became a shared goal for the project partners in Tampere and Helsinki.

The most common framework for the experiments was the early phase of product and service development, and thus, commercialized outcomes were not expected. During the course of the project, virtual reality turned out to be a promising application field with growing international markets for the media industry. The MEDAIA project succeeded in building national and international networks in this emerging field. Project partners TAMK and Metropolia will also continue their cooperation in the VR field after MEDAIA.

Over two years’ time, 54 companies participated in different MEDAIA activities and 21 of them participated in the experiments of MEDAIA. In addition, over 20 other organizations, including the cities of Tampere and Helsinki, other universities, NGOs and consultant partner companies, were also involved in the experiments. Participatory universities have already started implementing some of the innovation concepts experimented in the MEDAIA project. Three new research and development projects have started in Tampere and Helsinki based on the outcomes of MEDAIA.

The final publication of the MEDAIA-project can be uploaded from TAMK Publications:


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